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Why Mason Jars Are The Bane of My Existence
Today, I'm here to address a serious matter that has been infiltrating our homes and social media feeds for far too long. No, I'm not talking about the rise of AI technology or whatever shit the kids are doing on TikTok. I'm talking about something much worse, much more insidious: the evil empire of Mason jars.


Download These Lifelike Portraits of My Twitter Followers
So, you know how they say that when God gives you a talent, you should share it with the world? Well, I must have missed that divine memo, because I got zilch in the talent lottery! But fear not, friends, for I have taken matters into my own hands and created my own talent: drawing!
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Embracing the Absurd: My Journey to a More Lighthearted Blogging Direction
Greetings, Platypus Army! As you may already know, I've decided to step away from writing about serious topics like politics and social issues to explore something a bit more lighthearted. Yes, it's time to embrace the world of shitposting, memes, dark jokes, pop culture, and other fun topics!