Trixie Mattel Is Tired of Your Anti-Drag Bullshit
Come along with Trixie Mattel as she sets things straight about the amazing art of drag. She'll shed light on the difficulties faced by drag performers, talk about laws that try to ban drag, and help expose the untrue statements spread by right-wing groups.


No, Your Child Doesn’t Need To Fly First Class
In this episode of "Outrage Daily," we delve into the scandalous tale of a mother and father who dared to sit in business class while their 10-year-old child, brace yourselves, sat in coach. Can you imagine the outrage? The horror? Let's break down this saga of parental incompetence, shall we?
white wooden table and leather chairs in a restaurant
Gordon Ramsey’s “Kitchen Nightmares” Returns After Almost 10 Years
If you're a fan of Gordon Ramsey's hit show Kitchen Nightmares, then you're in for a treat. After an almost 10 year hiatus, the show is officially coming back! According to a recent announcement, Ramsey is set to revive the series, bringing back his famous no-nonsense approach to helping struggling restaurants get back on track.
signal tower
CRTC Wireless Industry Shakeup Could Mean Cheaper Phone Plans for Us All
Hey, have you heard the good news? The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has finally decided to take action to increase mobile competition in Canada! And this time, it's not just a mere illusion of competition, but actual competition that we all deserve.
I’d Like To Keep It On, Please: Valentina Announced As Co-Host for Drag Race Mexico
Hold on to your wigs, because Drag Race Mexico is coming, and it's being hosted by one of the franchise's most beloved "Fan Favourite". The show, which is a spin-off of the iconic RuPaul's Drag Race, is making its way to Mexico, and it's all thanks to the incredible duo of hosts: Valentina, of RPDR Seasons 9 and All Stars 4, and Lolita Banana of Drag Race France.
Let’s Play “Where’s Slobert”: The Ultimate Puzzle Game!
If you're a fan of the puzzle book "Where's Waldo?", then you'll love "Where's Slobert?" In this game, you'll be searching for the elusive Slobert. "Where's Slobert?" promises minutes of entertainment or your money back!*
white nuclear plant silo under orange sky at sunset
Could Nuclear Energy Be the Key to Combatting Climate Change?
Climate change is kind of a big deal, and we need to take action before we reach the point of no return. Fortunately, we have a technology that can significantly reduce harmful emissions that are damaging our planet – nuclear energy. However, is nuclear energy safe to produce, and can it be a sustainable source of power for the future?
clear glass jar on table
Why Mason Jars Are The Bane of My Existence
Today, I'm here to address a serious matter that has been infiltrating our homes and social media feeds for far too long. No, I'm not talking about the rise of AI technology or whatever shit the kids are doing on TikTok. I'm talking about something much worse, much more insidious: the evil empire of Mason jars.
How a Sketchy Purple Gorilla Became a Nostalgic Icon of the Early Internet Age
If you're a Millennial, there's a good chance you remember the excitement of having a computer in your home. You might also remember the good old days of installing software like BonziBuddy - a purple cartoon gorilla that promised to be your very own personal assistant.
Download These Lifelike Portraits of My Twitter Followers
So, you know how they say that when God gives you a talent, you should share it with the world? Well, I must have missed that divine memo, because I got zilch in the talent lottery! But fear not, friends, for I have taken matters into my own hands and created my own talent: drawing!