No, Your Child Doesn’t Need To Fly First Class
No, Your Child Doesn’t Need To Fly First Class

In this episode of “Outrage Daily,” we delve into the scandalous tale of a mother and father who dared to sit in business class while their 10-year-old child, brace yourselves, sat in coach. Can you imagine the outrage? The horror? Let’s break down this saga of parental incompetence, shall we?

First and foremost, I actually agree with them. In reality, children flying alone on planes is not an uncommon occurrence, and this child’s parents were merely a few feet away. The kid was probably thrilled to on an airplane without his parents cramping his style.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: the child’s safety. Where exactly did people believe this 10-year-old would go? Last time I checked, airplanes were large metal vessels hurtling through the sky, not some sort of child-devouring vortex. The child was perfectly safe and contained within the aircraft, surrounded by flight attendants and other passengers. So, let’s all take a deep breath and put away our “Lost Child” signs.

Moving on to the outrage over the parents accepting a free upgrade to business class and leaving their child behind. No one should be shaming these parents for seizing the chance to enjoy a little luxury in the skies. When life hands you an upgrade to business class, you take it.

Besides, this 10-year-old is probably light years ahead of most of us when it comes to savvy decision-making. Who knows, he might already be trading Bitcoins on eBay (or whatever) while we struggle to change the time on our microwave. So, let’s not pretend that this child was utterly helpless and clueless without their parents by their side. He was perfectly fine, I assure you.

My final judgement is that these parents entirely innocent of any and all perceived social crimes. They all reached their destination, the child lived, and the parents were able to enjoy the comfort of those huge reclining leather seats. It was a win-win situation for everyone!

Via New York Post

They had a problem with this Karen.

A travel influencer was mom-shamed for claiming to upgrade her airplane seat to business class while leaving her son behind in economy.

“I don’t like the mom shaming or parent shaming,” Karen “Kay” Akpan told The Post on Tuesday.

“The fact that people don’t do things like you doesn’t mean that it’s wrong. Everyone parents differently, and we can be respectful of each other.”

Akpan, her husband, Sylvester, and their son, Aiden, are a family of “digital nomads” who travel full time, either internationally or in an RV.

When the couple recently had the opportunity to upgrade their airplane seats, they took it.

“POV: Enjoying business class with my husband on a 13-hour flight while our 10-year-old sits in the back in economy class because he doesn’t have United Premier 1K status like we do and didn’t get a complementary upgrade,” Akpan captioned a video of herself and Sylvester clinking beverages onboard last week.

“Sorry son,” she added along with three cry-laughing emojis.

Akpan proceeded to ask her 305,000 Instagram followers if they would’ve taken the two upgraded seats while traveling as a family of three. She urged respondents to explain whether the age of their child or the length of the flight would impact their decision.

The Twitter account @heyyitsjanea shared Akpan’s post on the platform, where it took off with 1.5 million views.

Several users thought the clip had to be a joke — which Akpan confirmed the next day in a separate post, revealing her son was actually sitting in a separate row in business class.

Nevertheless, the post sparked major debate about parenting on planes.

“I would give the child and my husband the upgrade and I would take the economy seat. Thirteen hours of alone time IS an upgrade,” one fan declared.

“I honestly LOVE that you left him lol,” another exclaimed.

“Y’all i’m sure that kid was fine they travel often so he knows how to conduct himself and kids at that age are flying alone he can chill in the back this was just very funny to me,” one Twitter user proclaimed, referencing Aiden’s past travels.

“I’d do it. He’d get priority seating back there. & he can call me if s–t get crazy,” another laughed at the idea of the adults taking the upgraded seats.

“I agree in letting the kids stay in economy but not alone,” another explained. “There needs to be someone there with them. Mom and dad would be taking turns in business.”

Others couldn’t take a joke.

“Y’all need parenting classes,” one slammed the couple.

“This is what happens when you weren’t wanted by ready parents,” one user shamed Akpan.

“Definitely wouldn’t have left my boy. My nerves and heart wouldn’t have let me,” another parent shunned.

And one user slammed those who criticized Akpan.

“Do parents not let their kids fly alone anymore?” the person asked. “I [used] to fly alone around his age to see family around the country. At least with you in the plane he can be checked on periodically.”

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No, Your Child Doesn’t Need To Fly First Class
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